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What is getting in the way of the life you want to live?

In order to move forward in life towards a new direction, we frequently need to look back to discover how our prior experiences are playing an active role in our present realities.  By exploring the root causes of our current challenges, we gain the insights we need to move past limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve us.  Freeing ourselves from the past allows us to create something new and better for ourselves.  With our therapy retreats to change your life, we offer guidance and support to help you break through the barriers to change. 

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STAR Retreats

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Our Therapy Retreats

Searching for Arizona therapy retreats and workshops? At STAR therapy retreats, all activities are specifically designed to take you into your past allowing you to make discoveries about your family structure, awaken messages from early childhood, and to uncover the early decisions and negative experiences which are still powerfully affecting your life.

Overcoming Barriers to Change

It is through the eyes of your inner child that you’ll become aware of the roots of life-long challenges and belief systems that have kept you from moving forward. With this new found clarity, you can stop living in reaction to a past that no longer exists and move forward with a deeper understanding of who you really are and how you truly want to live your life.