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When life presents us with challenges and stress, we have to choose how we will respond. Our responses may be healthy and adaptive, or unhealthy, harmful to ourselves and our relationships. Many individuals struggle to manage their feelings, particularly intense emotions. Some of our participants struggle with anger management, how to effectively channel and regulate their feelings in a healthy way without being destructive or causing harm. Some participants engage in self-harm as a means of managing intense feelings. This may provide some temporary relief, but have detrimental consequences to our bodies, and our relationships. Moving through these difficulties involves a realignment of how we relate to ourselves, our challenges, and a deepening of inner resources, understanding, and compassion.

Behavioral Discovery at STAR:

What STAR Graduates are saying:

“I feel like STAR gave me a foundation to build on— made me a better person and gave me hope. I still have bad days, but I have the tools to help me through those days. One day, I might even do STAR again.”

“I had very high expectations, and STAR exceeded them. Everything was just… the best! I feel I can now live rather than just survive and suffer in silence. It allowed me to drop down and really listen to the wisdom within me.”

“In my journey it was so hard for me to get to STAR; logistics, money, even fear. I feel today, STAR was my destiny. I had to shed the fear and motives generated from past pain. Now, I am closer to purpose.”

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