Trauma & PTSD

Connect with the earliest traumas and patterns still powerfully affecting behavior

Heal the Overwhelming Symptoms of Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is a reality in many of our lives. The fallout from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, assault, neglect, surgeries, accidents, natural disasters, war, or death of loved ones can have a debilitating impact on us.

Some traumas may be decades old, while others are more recent. In either case, we may experience insomnia, flashbacks, generalized anxiety, depression, or trouble with intimacy. We may be out of touch with our feelings and life may take on a detached flat quality of involvement in daily life. We may be continually overwhelmed and flooded by intense emotions or have difficulty maintaining or developing intimate relationships.

Sometimes, our society has little patience with the wounded. We are supposed to get over it, move on, stop thinking about it, or forgive and forget. As much as we would love to do that, it just doesn’t work. We try to listen and put it behind us, but we can’t. Or, sometimes we are surrounded by loving encouragement and support but we remain plagued by what happened to us. Some of us don’t even connect the disruptive symptoms and dysfunctional patterns in our lives with the traumas of our past. What may be lacking is a safe, supportive, and loving place in which to tap into natural healing abilities and shift from merely surviving to an empowered ability to thrive.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

Trauma awareness and healing is a specialty area at STAR. Participants with both past and relatively recent episodes of trauma find STAR a safe environment in which to work.

STAR provides an environment of trauma awareness and healing that is designed to encourage profound personal exploration. Accompanied and supported by experienced and caring facilitators, you will find the courage to face and heal the pain, anger, fear, and grief that come with trauma. Then, you can finally let the past rest in the past, reclaim your power and authentic voice, and move into your future with meaning and dignity.

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“The container for the work was strong, safe, and loving enough for me to achieve healing not found in years of exploration through other modalities.”

“I was fortunate to find the STAR program… What years of therapy and medication could not achieve was realized in just a short time at STAR.”

“STAR helped transform my life. It was one of the most significant healing processes I experienced. I am grateful and feel blessed to have STAR in my life.”