Grief & Loss

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Managing Grief & Loss

Grief is a natural emotional reaction occurring in response to a loss. The reasons for grief are many, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce or loss of a relationship, the loss of health, the death of a beloved pet, the loss of a job or financial security, the loss of youth, or even the loss of a long-held dream. Grief is deeply personal and can be one of life’s most difficult challenges.

Our society is in denial about death and loss, making the grieving process very difficult. Time and support are needed, yet too frequently in our culture— neither are available, and emotions become repressed. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages that people who are grieving go through: Denial, Depression, Bargaining, Anger, Acceptance

The progression through these stages is not necessarily orderly, and not everyone experiences all of these stages. The goal of grieving successfully is to experience the feelings of loss, sadness, anger, etc., and reach a stage of acceptance. Some go through just a few stages and reach acceptance, while others do not allow themselves to truly experience and work through their feelings. In the latter case, the person gets stuck; this is called unresolved or complicated bereavement, which usually leads to depression and anxiety.

The length and time needed to mourn is different for each individual. There is no predictable schedule.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

STAR takes special time and care to provide a supportive environment in which to heal from losses, be they long ago and still unresolved, or current.

Our staff normalizes the process and provides a safe and nurturing space in which you can fully surrender to your process; going as deeply into your grief, and staying with it, as long as needed to find relief from the powerful and often overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, fear, and guilt associated with the loss. We want you to know that what you are feeling is a normal, and necessary part of the healing process. At STAR, you are encouraged not only to allow yourself to grieve, but to express your feelings— whatever they may be. It is by allowing yourself to fully experience this process that you will find deep healing.

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“I came to grieve the loss of my daughter. The experience led me to places I didn’t expect, but clearly needed to go. I will never stop missing my daughter, but I feel closer to her now than ever.”

“I thought grief was only about physical loss. I now realize I had been grieving the loss of my childhood throughout my adulthood. Had it not been for STAR, I may still be wondering why I couldn’t just ‘get over’ it.”

“I was angry, bitter, and miserable. And life? It was unfair! I didn’t know that to  move on to happiness and joy, I needed to grieve the (many) losses in my life. Thank you for opening my eyes— and heart.”