Healing and transformation are possible

Healing and Transformation at STAR

Healing and transformation are possible! Uncover what’s been holding you back so you can move forward in a whole new way. At STAR, we have been helping people from all over the world and from all walks of life awaken to their true potential for more than 40 years.

Participant Testimonials

Learn more about the incredible healing and transformational power of STAR from those who’ve experienced it.

“STAR enabled me to create a firm foundation. This has not only allowed me to solidly support what I’d already built as a life, but to add levels Would not otherwise have reached.”
— 2000 STAR Graduate
“At STAR I saw miracles. I saw people, not the least of whom was myself, re-emerging into a joyful life. If you want to reattach to the loving powers you were born with, do STAR.” 
— Michael O’Reilly
“As a STAR graduate, I can personally attest to the effect STAR had on my own life. It brought out a true transformation. STAR was an incredible process for my healing.”
— Ralph “Rob” Ashby, M.D.
“Thank you to the entire staff for your unflagging willingness to hear us, be with us, walk with us on this path of healing, (and lighting the way when necessary), for laughing and crying with us, for helping us to get in touch with the part of ourselves we shrank from most, for helping us to replace bad memories with new ones that we’ll never forget, for being so openly loving and open to love, for showing compassion to us and modeling it for us, for all the incredible hours of work you put in on our behalf, and just for being you, with your own special qualities, unique talents, and beautiful essence.”
— Lara
“I came to STAR ready to heal and I was not disappointed. The inner child works gave me insights and power I never thought were possible to express. For the first time in my life, I can put words to my feelings. I leave STAR knowing and trusting my truth and feeling confident expressing it. I truly feel reborn. I have my power back from habits that did not serve me well. With these newfound tools, I will replace a life that didn’t work and replace it with one that will bring me joy and happiness.”
— Judi
“Everyday I am learning more about myself as well as understanding myself and my ‘stuff’ better. I’m impressed at how well I’m handling difficult situations— like an adult should. I am setting better boundaries and taking care of myself. I still have a long way to go in my process, yet the shifts are taking place and for this I am very grateful. I also find that I have a renewed sense of compassion for people, finally understanding that their ‘stuff’ is not about me and most likely is coming from a wounded place. This keeps me grounded and able to handle situations much healthier than I have in the past. Thank you STAR!”
—Julie, 2 Months Post-STAR
“I have done so much therapy and self-help over the last 25 years that I felt skeptical of how much I would get out of STAR. I learned so much the 1st night I decided if that was all I got, it would be worth it!”
 — J.V.

“STAR reintroduced me to myself.”
— Kim, PA
“STAR is exactly what I needed at this moment. I doubt there is a better program anywhere.”
— 2010 STAR Graduate
“It was difficult for me at times. I was worried it wouldn’t work and that I wouldn’t change. I had an amazing experience I would not trade for anything. I learned so much about myself and am ready to stand in my truth! Everyone was supportive. Thank you to everyone!”
— K.S.
“The most impactful and meaningful personal development experience since I began my healing journey 7 years ago at age 45. I feel I received a huge “bang for my buck” from this non-profit organization and its world-class workshop staff. I intend to return for another STAR experience.”
— Will
“At STAR I learned to stop compromising my spirit in order to ‘fit’ and am beginning to recognize the sound of my own voice. I thank STAR for helping me find the clarity and courage to come back to life.”
— Brenda Morris, Seattle Washington
“10 days at STAR was the most intense experience I’ve ever had in therapy. I felt completely safe and succeeded in getting in touch with very early traumatic incidents. I understand my fatal patterns. I feel reconnected and free.”
— Thomas
“Life transforming. By far the best investment of time and money that I have ever made in my life. My life is 500% better than before I started. Back then I didn’t even realize it was so bad.”


— Rachel
“From the very first phone call to the tearful goodbyes on the last day, I felt known, loved, and cared about by the STAR staff. I never had felt so SEEN in my entire life. At first I didn’t know what to do with that feeling, but now I refuse to accept anything less! I have a new found love and compassion for myself, and because of this, I am able to be more loving and compassionate towards others as well.”
— Ann, 2017 STAR Graduate

Self- TransformingAwakeningRebuilding

“I was able to see how the conditioning that I received as a little child had affected the way I thought, acted and reacted to everything in my life.”
“I know of no other program so rooted in reality and fact that touches your soul so deeply. STAR melds what really works with what each participant uniquely needs to move forward positively in a lasting way.”
— 2008 STAR Graduate
“It was a lot of hard work, incredibly emotional and I feel like it helped me reconnect with my inner light. Thank you.”
— Lisa A.
“STAR was the most eye-opening experience I have ever had. I will go home with more knowledge and understanding than I ever thought was possible. Everyone here allowed me to discover more and more about myself each day. I’ve realized that life is not about finding it, it’s about living it. I will go out into the world with an open heart and loving presence. I am more beautiful in this moment than I have ever been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“STAR is a personal growth workshop and it is profoundly healing therapy. And it can be a personal growth workshop that’s not therapy. And it can be therapy way beyond personal growth. What it is experientially depends on what you come with into STAR, and the depth of you willingness to enter into the process. It’s a process of allowing yourself, like falling asleep. You can’t make yourself sleep, but you can allow yourself to sleep. It’s a process of giving yourself permission to enter into these things that give you the opportunities for something to happen, for something to shift.”
— Vilma Ginzberg
“Please keep up the great work. The work I began at STAR is now leading to many wonderful changes and miracles in my life. I have stopped most everything in my inner and outer life (fears, anger, bad relationships, dead end career, toxic friendships and more) that were holding me back. I have begun to love myself and others in a healthy way. I am open to whatever God has for me. Life is a beautiful daily adventure for me now. Thanks for your part.”
“I was a highly mechanical person before STAR, with no way to break out of my own thoughts. STAR helped me get in touch with my feelings in a way I never could have imagined. I have my heart back!”
— Andrew
“I was able to see how the conditioning that I received as a little child had affected the way I thought, acted and reacted to everything in my life.”
“The stacking of experiences and the writing plus all the support by facilitators, helped empower me and make sense of my patterns in a way that not only helped me me heal, but put me behind the wheel of my life in a loving, affirming way.”
“My experience at STAR was great. The staff and atmosphere were comforting and healing. I learned so much from the process and would highly recommend it to others.”
— Emily, 2016 STAR Graduate
“As an individual who sees life in black and white, I thought STAR would be hard for me to relate to. I was wrong from day one. You all validated who I was and because of that I was able to trust and express myself like never before.”
— Chris
“Rather wonderful, but not, perhaps, in the way I expected. Less New Age and esoteric, and more grounded in psychological findings, etc… Powerful— it’s a shortcut to the root of the problem— like cutting through years of therapy to get straight to the core. And then, show you exactly what to do to go out in the world and live a different life.”
“I learned that the number #1 person who wasn’t taking care of me was me— a difficult but necessary pill to swallow. Thank you for guiding me to uncover this for myself.”
— N.G., 2018 STAR Graduate
“The safety and container for showing up is what I have never found any place else. It allowed me to go through my own, organic individual process and to receive and validate my truth, not your truth. And that’s power.”
— Stephanie
“STAR is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I wish everyone in my life would attend!”
—K.O., 2016 STAR Graduate
 “STAR was, and remains, the single most healing event in my life. I had spent 20 years in talk therapy before STAR, 30 days at Sierra Tucson, and a variety of other stuff. STAR is the real thing— for me, anyway. It healed me on a cellular level. I was still very ill with asthma when I did STAR in August, ’95… I had fixed all the medical problems, (there were many), but I had not dealt with the emotional underpinnings of my asthma. My asthma broke at STAR ( I was so sick when I got there, I should’ve been hospitalized), and it has never returned except in very minor form— always when I’m stressed out and not taking care of myself.
When I got to STAR, I basically had no relationships with my family of origin or with anyone else. STAR healed my deepest wounds and has made it possible for me to build a deep, loving relationship with my sister. And several of the people I met at STAR have become life-long soul friends.”
— Lea, Chicago, IL
“This has been the most amazing experience in my life. After 13 years of therapy, and feeling stuck in the same place, STAR has brought me to a place where I can feel and see change. I have never really been truly excited about life until STAR. Now, I can’t wait to live and enjoy the happiness and life I deserve. I am not sure I would have ever felt this full of life without STAR. It scares me to think about how much more time I would have wasted living in that ‘black hole’ not coming here. STAR’s facilitators modeled what it’s like to be real and grounded in myself. They were always right there when I needed someone. That validation, someone listening, and genuine concern for my well-being was so appreciated beyond words. The facilitators and staff are what make STAR so powerful.”
“STAR has been with me for six years now and I am using the helpful tools I discovered there every day. I cannot imagine a better and safe place for working on your “issues” and healing. The power of the STAR group, the compassionate love and the secure feeling I had the whole time was something I had never experienced before. It was very hard to return home where it’s not so safe, but after those 10 days I felt much stronger. Everyday my confidence had been built up and strengthened. I trusted myself and my decisions again. STAR has been with me during some tough times and I really do not know where I would be without STAR. The ongoing support and nurturing love has helped me immensely in my process of healing, and help me turn grief into growth. I am very happy that STAR came into my life and I am proud to be a member of the STAR family.”
— Atti Knox, GA
“I feel I have my power back and can make healthy choices about my future.”
“How do I get the rest of my family to sign up?”
— Krista
“This has been the best experience of my life. It has changed my life and given me the tools to live a fuller life. I am ready to tackle the world now.”

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