Our History

Growth and Transformation

Evolution of the STAR Process

Our History, STAR Founder Barbara Findeisen
“Since 1976, when I led my first STAR group, I worked with the process as it evolved and expanded into the profound program it has now become. I am continually inspired by the healing and transformation I see happening in the lives of participants as they dare to look within and heal their wounds. Growing up, many of us lost faith in our perceptions, our feelings, and our abilities to make decisions and choose our paths. What they find beyond their stress, anxiety, and depression is a spirit they thought was lost to them forever. My experience has given me an abiding appreciation for and belief in the power of that spirit; I have witnessed it too often to doubt it.”
STAR Founder, Barbara Findeisen

Growth and Transformation 

An outgrowth of the Fischer-Hoffman Process, the key elements of STAR originated in the 1960’s and included the sequence of written assignments that systematically uncovers the conditioning resulting from parental influence during early childhood. Prior to these findings, adult patterns of thinking and behaving were largely considered to be influenced by nature, not nurture.

STAR Through the Years