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February 25 — March 6, 2022

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All participants and staff attending STAR Foundation retreats must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Pre-retreat testing may also be required. Please contact the STAR office for more information.

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A Healing Approach

In a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment, you can disconnect from the rigors of daily life allowing you to focus on completely on yourself.

  • 10 days of healing and growth
  • 1:2 staff-to-participant ratio
  • Unparalleled personalized attention and support
  • Assigned point-of-contact from start to finish

Life-Changing Program

Now that you’ve realized you want more for yourself and are committed to taking action, allow us to join you on your journey of self-healing and transformation.

  • Break free from limitations of the past              
  • Discover your true self
  • Live life with more joy
  • Build nurturing relationships

Overcome Barriers to Change

Are you frustrated and feeling unable to escape from what feels like the inevitable? At STAR you will be supported and guided as you uncover and dismantle limiting patterns and self-defeating behaviors that have been powerfully affecting your life. 

  • Identify sources of emotional pain
  • Explore and examine long-held beliefs systems
  • Safely reprocess past traumatic events
  • Relinquish unhealthy patterns and behaviors

Invest in Yourself

“I have done almost every self-help course ever invented and STAR was different from anything I have done. The process was transformative and electrifying. And because groups are small and you have your own facilitator by your side, you feel nurtured, cared for, and attended to. STAR forces you to dig deep; to unlock stuff that has kept you stuck. I was truly able to focus on a lifetime of pain from birth that has been bottled up my whole life. Uncovering that stuff at STAR allowed me to recreate my path, who I want to be, and how I want to interact with others. I recommend STAR to everyone.”

— Steve Josovitz, Atlanta, GA

“I received an opportunity to examine everything that, up until that point, made me— me. I discovered in the process much of it wasn’t mine to begin with, yet it deeply influenced all aspects of my life nonetheless. I came to STAR well aware that my mother probably shouldn’t have been one— I realized that as a child, but an interesting and rather refreshing part of the process is that blame was never a part of it. Whatever she gave me, positive or negative, I could now choose to keep, or choose to release. Before, I was simply living in the dark; never knowing why I thought, felt, or behaved as I did. I had no clue about these things because I could not see— as one cannot expect to do in the dark. At STAR, the light came on.”

— Kimberly Doughty, Perkasie, Pennsylvania