Depression & Anxiety

Reclaim the inner peace, harmony, and joy that’s rightfully yours

Discover the Source of Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety and depression both ensnare the soul. The trap of anxiety is the helpless overwhelming feeling of fear, and the fear of that feeling returning. Anxiety keeps people stuck in their lives, in jobs, in relationships. Life becomes circumscribed and limited, structured around an illusion of safety and the longing for safety. Depression traps a person differently, sucking out life energy, blanketing the mind and body with heaviness and despair. Big and dark, depression is not something a person can ‘snap out of.’

Anxiety and depression are rampant in our society, taking a huge toll on the lives of millions of people. For many of those people, there is a way out—a way to discover the source of those feelings and bring healing— allowing inner peace and a genuine joy in being alive to return to their lives.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

At STAR, we take the time to help you to discover the roots of your distress—upsetting events, problematic relationships, or disconnection from a genuine sense of self or purpose. Our unusually high ratio of staff to participants (1:2) allows the program to be individualized in order to assist you in uncovering sources of anxiety or depression. In discovering the root causes, it becomes possible to also engage innate resources of healing.

Old conditional patterns of thinking and feeling which have disrupted internal and external integration of thinking and feeling can be rewritten. With head and heart in alignment, as it was designed to be, a genuine joy in being alive can once again be reborn.

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“I had an amazing roller coaster of a time here. I cannot believe how much we did in 10 days, but I feel like we did a little bit of everything. And, we did it in a safe environment surrounded by loving and competent people. This was a wonderful experience for me.”

“STAR has been a profound experience; giving me the strength needed to become a healthy woman with a full heart & clear head. I made contact with my guiding light. STAR has provided me with this deep connection and I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

“Less New Age and esoteric than expected. Powerful— it’s a short cut to the root of the problem— like cutting through years of therapy to get straight to the core. And then, show you exactly what to do to go out in the world and live a different life.”