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Spring 2022

March 25th — April 3rd

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Your path to self-healing and self-transformation awaits…

Healing Happens Here

Healing retreats designed with you in mind.

Our program is a uniquely complete in-depth approach to individual healing, using a blend of techniques from mainstream psychotherapy in addition to, holistic and transpersonal approaches. For instance, the STAR process consists of both cognitive and experiential exercises. Our program is designed to gently and safely offer opportunities to identify sources of emotional pain, explore and examine long-held belief systems. To explain, dysfunctional patterns, addictive behaviors, negative messages, and traumatic experiences from early childhood may be still powerfully affecting your life. In short, you have an opportunity to discover why you think, feel, and behave the way you do— both positive and negative.

At STAR you will:

  • Explore the root cause of current challenges.
  • Gain the insights needed to move past limiting beliefs and old patterns.
Overcome Barriers to Change

It is through the eyes of your inner child that you’ll become aware of the roots of life-long challenges and belief systems that have kept you from moving forward. With this newfound clarity, you can stop living in reaction to a past that no longer exists. Then, you can move forward with a deeper understanding of who you really Forre and how you truly want to live your life.

During our healing retreats, you have an opportunity to recover your natural state of being:

  • Truly loving and accepting yourself
  • Being more at ease
  • Finding, living, and speaking your truth
  • Clarity in decision-making
  • Expressing needs and wants with confidence
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Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there

STAR offers a community of caring professionals who understand life transitions are not only, opportunities for profound self-healing, personal growth, but for renewal. Healing is not an event, but a process. A process that requires you to take the risk to turn within in order to grieve your wounds and mend your heart.

Above all, the emphasis is for you to experience deep caring, find a new direction, and reconnect with your authentic self. And, in order for you to do that, you’ll need time, support, and a safe place— that’s what STAR provides

Our transformational 10-day program is designed for people, like you, who are ready to awaken to their true potential. Join us for our upcoming Spring 2022 STAR retreat!

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