Loss of Meaning & Purpose

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Growing up, many of us lost faith in our perceptions, our feelings, and our abilities to make decisions and choose our paths.  In order to make it through childhood, we had to give up parts of ourselves, parts that may not have felt safe to show or display. And when we finally show up in adulthood, so much of ourselves is now lost that we cannot help but to feel incomplete. We move through life performing our various roles and tasks— we may even find success, and have an outwardly happy life. But some of us become stuck as a result, finding it difficult to ‘know what to do,’ and therefore give up before actually getting started.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

Awakening the spirit is at the heart of STAR’s work, and is the underlying goal of our program. STAR provides an opportunity to discover and develop authentic spirituality. Throughout the process, many participants find themselves strengthening their spiritual orientation as they go deeper into their own experience. Those for whom the realm of spirit or soul has seemed vague, remote, or nonexistent often experience a profound rekindling of this aspect of their lives.

While matters of the soul and spirit are central to the work of STAR, we neither advocate nor prescribe specific religious beliefs or spiritual practices. Rather, STAR supports a personal search for authenticity in these and other issues, while taking great care to honor the reality and validity of each experience.

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“My life is full of light. Thank you for teaching me where to look.
I love you all.”

“My work at the STAR program has totally changed my life. I came into the program scared, lost, and at my wits end. I’m leaving the program with a sense of inner power, confidence, and most of all— a lust for life!”

“At STAR, I learned to stop compromising my spirit in order to ‘fit’ and am beginning to recognize the sound of my own voice. I thank STAR for helping me to find the clarity and courage to come back to life.”

“I have grown in myself and my life experiences tremendously.
The journey continues.”