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It is a natural human need to connect with others, to experience affectionate closeness. We not only need to form connections with others to survive, but our overall physical and mental health and wellbeing is directly affected by the amount of nurturing and loving touch we receive on a regular basis. In short, relationships are a fundamental need shared by every human being. Patterns of relating are learned early in our families. When we are loved, respected and cared for we learn to trust in relationships. Conversely, when our early caregivers were neglectful, rejecting, or harmful we learned to be very cautious, even fearful of connecting to others. These models stay with us and influence later ways of relating as well as choices of partners and associates.

At STAR, a safe place is created for your core personal work. You are introduced to valuable tools for empowering yourself to develop healthy relationships without sacrificing your personal needs for self-respect and integrity. As old negative patterns of feeling and thinking are transformed, you can escape the dysfunctional habits of clinging dependence, or stoic independence, and move toward a state of healthy interdependence.

What STAR Graduates are saying:

“What have I learned from my experience at STAR? I’ve learned that true healing comes from our interconnectedness with each other, the earth, and from spirit. It’s time we do everything we can to support real connection and community.”

“We did our STAR’s separately. One year later, we’ve plunged into the ultimate intimacy and have recovered the comfort, ease, and confidence we started with. No withholding, and no past secrets. Before, our intimacy was largely a complex truce drawn through the territory of our egos. Now we’re just connected at the soul.”

“The work I began at STAR is now leading to many wonderful changes and miracles in my life. I have stopped most everything in my inner and outer life that has held me back. I have begun to love myself and others in a healthy way. I am open to whatever God has for me. Life is a beautiful daily adventure now.”

“The depth of emotion and understanding that I reached at STAR has brought me a feeling of wholeness never reached before and friends with whom I may connect with for the rest of my life.”

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