Codependent Behavior

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Overcome Codependent Behavior

Patterns of codependency develop in childhood and can continue long into adulthood. Adults who are codependent continually look outside of themselves for approval and self-esteem. Often, they live their lives through others or for others. Attempting to control, or ‘fix’ situations is a common theme.

An excessive need to be in control, coupled with the denial of our personal needs, wants, and emotions, only continues to fuel our overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

In family units where problems were not acknowledged and emotions were repressed, we learned that it was not ok to share our problems or express our feelings. If we grew up taking care of an emotionally ill or physically sick family member, or in a situation where a single individual’s need superseded the needs of the other family members, we learned that we could not, or should not, express our needs and wants, and instead should focus our time and energy on the needs of the other. All of these situations can create blocks limiting our personal power, cause us to lack a sense of self, and greatly reduce our ability to create and maintain healthy boundaries in adulthood leading to a life filled with personal stress, anxiety, and depression.

Many of the following behaviors are the direct result of childhood conditioning:

  • Seeking approval from others
  • Fear of criticism
  • Victimhood
  • Confusing love with pity
  • Attraction to other compulsive personalities
  • Bottling up feelings

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

By looking at your childhood conditioning, we help you discover and address the underlying reasons for your codependency. You are then able to see the patterns that are creating unhealthy adult relationships—seeking approval from others, being afraid of criticism, being a victim, being terrified of abandonment, confusing love with pity, being attracted to other compulsive personalities, and bottling up feelings. With the support of experienced staff, STAR also helps you to express those long-denied feelings. 

Through STAR, you have a powerful opportunity to rediscover yourself. Allow us to help you uncover these patterns and establish new, wiser ways of relating in your life, helping you to overcome your previously codependent behavior.

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“I definitely learned from STAR what it means to be codependent, and the tools to overcome it. I also now know how to quickly speak to my inner-child when I start to regress. This helps me immensely. STAR changed my life.”

“The stacking of experiences, the writing, plus all of the support by facilitators, helped empower me to make sense of my patterns in a way that not only helped me to heal, but put me behind the wheel of my life in a loving, affirming way.”

“I just could not figure out why I was so unhappy and stuck. At STAR, I got reconnected to me— not the ‘me’ I had created to survive, but the real me. STAR created a safe place where I could shed the fear that had taken over and ruled my life.”