Life Transitions

Move through life’s many changes with confidence and grace

Plan for Smart Life Transitions

To be alive means to live with change. Change is constant, much going unnoticed in the bustle of our daily lives, but there are those that will undoubtedly cause us to stop and notice. Many of these more noticeable life changes, or transitions, are often expected, joyful occasions— birthdays, graduations, marriages, and job promotions, for example, are some of the recognizable milestones we commonly look forward to. And then, there are transitions that come without expectation and are beyond our control such as natural disasters, illnesses, deaths, and economic downturns. Whether or not a change is expected and welcomed, or unexpected and jarring, with it can come overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, worry, doubt, confusion, and anger. For example, we can be both excited for our retirement, and worried about its possible financial impact. We can be happy to move and sad to leave. Events that come suddenly, such as job loss, illness, disaster, or death can leave us little time to process what’s happened, let alone cope with its impact.

How we manage these events depends largely on what was learned early in our lives. If our parents and caregivers were able to provide stability, comfort, and safety during times of transition, as children we learned to adapt to change with relative ease and are able to move through the various stages of life with adequate coping skills. However, if our early environment was traumatic, chaotic, or simply lacked the modeling of healthy coping skills, as adults we may experience unexpected emotional reactions during even minor transitions as we cling to the narrow, outdated, ineffective means of coping developed during childhood.

Emotional responses are expected, but debilitating feelings of being stuck that bring on depression or explosive reactions such as panic attacks, rage, or violence must be examined and healed.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

The STAR process focuses on helping you discover the roots of your problems. It can help you dig out the long forgotten messages that may be hindering you from adapting to current transitions in your life. STAR is designed to provide you with real world tools to allow for smart life transitions in the present and in the future. 

STAR provides a container in which to deeply explore all the feelings and thoughts that arise in the face of life transitions. It provides the environment in which to develop tools to discover your true heart’s desire. Knowing your truth about what the next step in your life looks like, is the first step to creating a plan and moving toward manifesting it.

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“I was skeptical of the whole concept of STAR until the second day. After that, what a ride! I feel empowered, and adequately prepared to go forward and live my life with strength, confidence, and happiness.”

“The STAR program and its teachings will be with me for the rest of my life.
It’s far reaching effects are continuous.”