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In our culture, compulsive behaviors and addictions run rampant and alcohol and drug addictions are generally the first to come to mind.

There are also “process” addictions that involve compulsive behavior with respect to an act that, on its own, is not physically addictive. The lack of a physical addiction separates this addiction from alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

Process addictions include compulsive behaviors with respect to eating, sex, gambling, shopping, love, Internet surfing, cell phones, and computer games. All these things, done in moderation, can be enjoyable parts of our lives. But to those who suffer from an addiction, the acts can become all-consuming, destroying the addict’s personal life, career, and overall sense of happiness.

Healing Happens Here

STAR Can Help

STAR provides an innovative and intensive 10-day residential experience to complement and deepen 12-Step and other ongoing treatment programs. In our safe and nurturing environment, you will explore the roots of addiction. 

Dysfunctional family dynamics, abandonment, neglect, or childhood abuse are often aspects of the addict’s personal history. For many, addiction is coping mechanism to deal with the uncomfortable feelings stemming from negative early experiences. Identifying, exploring, and releasing these memories and feelings will help you to heal the underlying source which fuels addiction; this in turn helps to mitigate addictive impulses and urges.

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“STAR was a very important step in my growth. One of many steps I needed, along with therapy, and a 12-step program. Each thing was an important building block, and I seem to have needed them all.”

“Next to getting clean, STAR has been the single most valuable experience of my life. I now know how my addiction became the crutch I carried for far too long.”

“This program has changed my life. As far as I’m concerned, these 10 days saved me in many ways. God bless all of you who give and do so much to make this happen… you all are angels.”