I looked “viralization” up in my “new” dictionary. The only word close to it was viral. It means caused by a virus. Not even Wikipedia has an entry for “viralization.”

Virus was in the dictionary—most of the definitions had to do with disease or anything that corrupts or poisons the mind or symptom and has a harmful influence. One definition referred to unauthorized, disruptive program in computers. Not much help there.

Is the viralization of people like a virus?

Could it be a corruption of our minds or have a harmful influence? I have always believed that clear communication was powerful and important. It depends, at least in part, that there is a commonality in our understanding of what words mean. It’s a handicap if we unilaterally make up words which only I and perhaps a small group of friends (cronies) understand. How about the ENVIRUSMENT of little Johnny, or the school system or the government? Or the media? Not bad. Maybe I’ll start using it for my clear communication needs.

In my search for becoming authentic, the viralization of people felt very disruptive to me. Maybe we really do create our own reality with our minds. Maybe everything is really an illusion. If it is real to the individual it is authentic—to that person.  I mean REALITY TV is real. Is pretending to be a survivor or whatever the role is, an authentic endeavor? There certainly appears to be REAL money in it.

On the other hand—consciously giving birth to a baby may be on TV, and shared by millions, but for the mother it is an authentic experience.  The bliss of touching, smelling and looking into the eyes of her baby is a very genuine, authentic experience. I question if that experience would come under the category of realitization of reality or viralization of the baby? It’s very real, very authentic as nature designed it to be.

I wonder if someone could make up being Olympic gold medal winner. Perhaps the reason so many of us watched the Vancouver Olympics was because it was not reality TV. It was really real and we shared in the authenticity.

However I do understand that reality TV is now an American reality. Authentic? I just hope we don’t lose our perspective and along the way, our awareness of our own unique, personal, and sometimes private authenticity. And each other’s.