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As we make our way through the passages of life, many of us experience challenges during the key periods of life transitions, when our old world must make way for the new, when we must let go of old patterns and behaviors and contexts to bring forth new beginnings and potentials.  We have our coping skills and inner resources to help us manage the challenges of our lives, but at times, we feel overwhelmed.  We may find ourselves in a moment of personal crisis, when structures are breaking down, and we feel lost, unmoored, and immersed in fear.  Others find themselves lacking the energy and spirit to move forward.  When individuals experience a loss of meaning and purpose, when the spark seems to have burnt out, and there seems to be only ashes, individuals must find a way to reconnect to the primary life energies.  We must go back to retrieve what we have lost and find the key pieces that will allow us to move forward again to face our lives fully.

Personal Discovery at STAR:

Life Transitions
Loss of Meaning & Purpose
Personal Crisis

What STAR Graduates are saying:

“It was a lot of hard work, incredibly emotional, and I feel like it helped me reconnect with my inner light. Thank you.”

“STAR was a miraculous, life-changing experience.”

“This program is not for anyone who just wants to keep living their life. I am proud to have been a part of this experience.”

“STAR saved my life. I go home a changed person. I am ready for whatever the future holds. Thank you, with all of my heart.”

“Wonderful, life-changing experience that you can’t put a price tag on. PRICELESS!”

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