Adaptable Authenticity

I’ve had many clients who succeeded in that endeavor. They talk to me about how empty and disconnected they feel. They have all the “good stuff” but along the way they have lost something of great value. Themselves. Many refer to it as their soul.

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Reality in Life and on Screen

I’m in a profession where, like priests in a confessional, confidentiality is sacred. What’s Right With Reality TV questions the whole idea of privacy. “Now the default setting is publicity, not privacy.” In the words of “Rachel” from some Real program, “Nowadays being anonymous is worse than being poor."

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Authenticity and Gifts

Another holiday gift-giving time has passed. In progressing on a path of becoming authentic, holidays can be challenging. I hate feeling the pressure to get something—anything—for the sake of protocol and expectations. We are like lemmings rushing off the cliff to finish our MUST DO list.

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