Personal Crisis

At STAR we believe that a personal crisis may be a gift in disguise. It may be a wake-up call urging deeper exploration of your self. A crisis can be caused by many events, such as the loss of a family member, relationship, friend, job, change in financial situation, or an accident.

The crisis need not be preceded by an event. For example, if you are feeling unfulfilled and that there is more to life than you are getting, or you realize that your life is no longer providing the happiness it once did, you may be experiencing a personal crisis.

The crisis can bring up feelings of grief, fear, anxiety, pain, and anger. If the crisis is caused by an event, STAR provides you with an opportunity to safely deal with and express your feelings regarding the event. (See “Grief and Loss“) If it is not related to an event, STAR enables you to discover the sources of your original conditioning which led you in this unfulfilling direction. You will also have the opportunity to discover your own path and passions.

We recognize the reality of grief and pain, the roots of which may be deeply buried. At STAR, you will have the time and support to discover those roots, deal with them and let them go. Then you can look clearly within to find the source and nature of those original unhealed wounds. You receive all the support you need in STAR so that healing can begin. You will learn to trust yourself and when you do, you can again become radiant, loving, and safely adventuresome.
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