Life Transitions

To be alive means to live with change. There are many recognizable life milestones such as leaving home, marriage, births, divorce, illness, aging, deaths, losing a job, establishing a home, changing a career, and relocating.

How we manage these events depends to a large part on what we learned as children. In a healthy family, children learn to easily adapt to change. However, if the family was filled with uncertainty, trauma, abuse or chaos, children were programmed to fear change. Even minor change may cause them to overreact.

Emotional responses to change are very normal. But debilitating fear and feelings of being victimized or being stuck bring on depression or other reactions, such as panic attacks, substance abuse, rage, and violence.

STAR is designed to provide you with real world tools to allow you to make smart life transitions in the present and in the future.

STAR is designed to help you dig out the long forgotten messages that may be holding you back from current transitions in your life. We provide a safe environment so that you can deeply explore feelings and thoughts that arise in the face of life transitions. This will enable you to make wise decisions as a result of either positive or negative events, as the focus is on helping you discover the root of the problem and seeing the life-enhancing opportunities available to you.
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