Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety capture life’s energies and are often cited as reasons individuals come to STAR. Masks have been carefully designed to cover up inner turmoil and present a functionally normal appearance, but underneath the mask, life drags on joylessly, with depression and anxiety robbing individuals of their ability to enjoy the world around them.

Anxiety is a form of fear that can become a chronic condition of stress and stress-related symptoms that compromise physical and emotional health. Thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior relentlessly reinforce messages of vigilance and suspicion, destroying the ability to sustain trusting relationships with others and even with life itself. Often swinging between fear of letting go and changing and the pain of holding on to what is dysfunctional, life becomes intolerable, and depression often follows.

Depression traps a person differently, sucking out energy and blanketing the mind and body with a heavy despair and numbness. Feeling hopeless and helpless, depression sufferers are unable to be motivated to take action in their relationships, careers, creativity; lives can be put on hold and even destroyed.

STAR’s unusually high ratio of staff to participants allows the program to be individualized in order to assist each person to uncover sources of anxiety or depression. In discovering root causes it becomes possible to also engage innate resources of healing. Old conditional patterns of thinking and feeling which have disrupted internal and external integration of thinking and feeling can be re-written. With head and heart in alignment, as it was designed to be, a genuine joy in being alive can once again be re-born.
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