Codependent Behavior

Codependent people look outside of themselves for approval and self-esteem.

They live their life through others, or for others; attempting to control or fix people, often denying their own feelings and needs. The excessive need to be in control causes feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

Most codependents grew up in a dysfunctional family where problems were not acknowledged and emotions were repressed. Many grew up taking care of an emotionally or physically sick family member, learning to sacrifice their own needs in the process.

By looking at your childhood conditioning, we help you discover and address the underlying reasons for your codependency. You are then able to see the patterns that are creating unhealthy adult relationships—seeking approval from others, being afraid of criticism, being a victim, being terrified of abandonment, confusing love with pity, being attracted to other compulsive personalities, and bottling up feelings.

Through STAR you have a powerful opportunity to rediscover yourself. Only then can you begin to lead life authentically, from the inside out.
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