Anger Management

Think you might be affected by anger management issues?  STAR can help.

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that conveys a message to us that a situation is threatening, upsetting, or unjust. It only becomes a problem when we default to this emotion when the situation does not call for it.  

In childhood when we are not shown how to effectively process our anger, we grow into adults who are unable to effectively process anger. If we grew up in a family that was uninhibited about demonstrating anger, we may believe that anger is the only way to 'get things done,' and that anger is a useful tool for getting what we want. Over exposure to anger can create a fear of it— causing an individual to suppress it within themselves. Alternatively, those who grew up in families who failed to display anger at all may share the same fear of anger and without knowing how to deal with and process it, will also suppress it. Unprocessed and unexpressed anger will come out in other ways. Passive aggressive behavior, sulking, moodiness, intolerance, withdraw, and being easily frustrated are all common symptoms of unprocessed anger. 

At STAR we specialize in working with those who are experiencing difficulties with managing their anger. Working to understand the underlying causes combined with learning how to process emotions in a healthy and safe way, can free you from the burden of living with unhealthy amounts of anger. You will discover the roots of anger issues and heal them at the source, giving you an experience of your authentic self. You will begin to experience yourself as calm, understanding, and patient and will go home with a strategy to continue to build your newfound feelings of safety and trust, as well as the skills to react in to stress in a heathy manner. 
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