Adult Attachment Disorder

Think you might be affected by adult attachment issues? STAR Retreats can help.

Do you have difficulty in relationships of any kind: friends, lovers, family, colleagues? Does it feel like you can’t get one, can’t seem to keep one or just haven’t found the “right” one? You may have what is called “Adult Attachment Disorder” or simply adult attachment issues. An inability to connect, to form satisfying relationships, has its foundations in our earliest experiences. The quality of our first relationships with our caregivers—whether you felt seen, valued, your needs were met in a loving and timely way—determine our ultimate experience of ourselves, our capacity to feel safe and connect with the world and the quality of our relationships with others.

Even if your parents loved you, they may not have been capable of meeting your needs. As babies, when we reach out and no one reaches back, when we express needs and no one listens, we often give up. Or if our caregiver is present some of the time and neglectful or abusive at others we become confused and keep reaching, keep hoping someone will be there. In this process, we decide things about ourselves, such as “I must be unlovable” or “something must be wrong with me.” We then begin a lifelong quest to either avoid real intimacy or to find it, but when it shows up, in our desperation, we often unconsciously push it away. This longing and/or dissatisfaction often leads to anxiety, depression, co-dependency, addictions, fear of intimacy, rigidity, and wanting to hurt or be hurt as well as a failure to thrive as adults.

At STAR Retreats we specialize in working with our earliest attachment issues, sometimes called developmental trauma. Our proven attachment therapy can help you change the effects of an “adult attachment disorder” with our nurturing processes and experiences within a safe and caring environment. Here we gently and safely guide you to discover your early experiences, beliefs, and coping strategies that keep you from having the love you want or keeping the love you find. You will discover the roots of current relationship issues and heal them at the source, giving you an experience of your authentic self. You will begin to experience yourself as lovable, capable, and worthy and will go home with a strategy to continue to build your newfound feelings of safety and potential as well as the skills to build healthy relationships and be more successful in every area of your life.

If you would like to talk with an attachment therapist about whether a STAR Retreat is appropriate for you Contact Us.

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