Our People

Our People

Many of our staff are highly skilled and professionally recognized psychotherapists using both cognitive and experiential methods, involving physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the human experience.

Jed Appelrouth

Jed Appelrouth has been closely involved with STAR for over a decade. Jed is a Nationally Certified Counselor with a Masters degree in Professional Counseling and a PhD in Educational Psychology. Jed completed Star in 2001 and has been a facilitator at STAR workshops since 2007. Jed has a passion for healing and spent over a year studying the Hakomi therapeutic method, focusing on mindfulness and the mind-body connection. Following the STAR experience, Jed left the corporate world and began to explore his passion for fine arts and painting, which continues to this day. Jed subsequently founded an education-based business, Applerouth Tutoring Services, which currently operates in several major cities across the US.

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey has been closely involved with the STAR process for over twenty years as both participant and facilitator. After college and service as an officer in the US Army, Brian had a long and successful career in executive sales. “I have long had a strong passion and curiosity for and about the freedom and empowerment of long term sobriety,” said Brian. “It has been my good fortune to work in the ‘trenches’ of both substance use disorder and process disorders. It has been a profoundly enriching experience I love to share. My life currently includes a delightful commitment to an ever growing community of friends and family; and most particularly my five young grandchildren”.

Kenny Ball, Clinical Director

Back in 1971 after two years of college I began my quest to find some very badly needed emotional healing. I tried many different modalities, some less helpful than others. What finally began helping heal old wounds was participating in a deep feeling type of therapy in a safe, supportive environment run by Barbara Findeisen. Her program was called STAR. After selling my business in 1996 I became a staff member and then a core staff member of STAR. During that time I also went back to school, got my BA, and then continued my education getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pre and peri-natal psychology. I also became a Primal Therapist under the supervision of Dr. Arthur Janov and worked at the Janov Primal Center as a therapist for four years. I love the STAR process because it creates an environment that helps people feel what they need to feel and reconnect to their true nature in order to get back to their authentic self.

Moses Brach

To Moses Brach, STAR means new beginnings. “It’s a process that surprises in the most rewarding way possible.”

STAR is a transformational experience that I was fortunate enough to have found, and it opened up doors to new ways of life I did not know existed.

I love being a part of STAR and witnessing the rebirth of people before my eyes. To have been part of this process, first as participant, and now as a staff member, is the absolute most rewarding thing I have ever experienced, and the feelings associated with it can only be described as magical.

STAR, simply put, helps people, and I sincerely wish for all human beings out there to have an opportunity to experience something as beautiful as STAR.

This is a program that is one hundred percent dedicated to its people. The first step, is to show up, and that’s the most important step to take. From there on, we are here to be with you and show you why you are worth it, and is exactly how I realized that I’m worth it, and that I deserve to be one with the beauties of life, as do you.”

Kimberly Doughty

“Life Changing” is how I would describe my STAR experience. After lots of searching, researching, and searching some more, I kept coming back to this little place in Arizona called, “The STAR Foundation.” After calling and hanging up several times, I finally did get courage to sign up. And I consider registering for STAR to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

I’ll be honest, the healing process is scary. I think we all have things that we simply do not want to face. I know that was true for me. At the time I was isolated from family, from friends, and was in a very unhealthy marriage. In hindsight, STAR was all I had to rely on, even before I got there. On my first day I found this quote amongst my materials, “And the day came when the desire to remain the same was more painful than the risk to evolve.” That was me! Afraid to change, but more afraid to Not change. The process isn’t easy. It is work, but it is the best work you may ever do.

STAR goes further than any other type of therapy I have ever experienced. I continued my healing work post-STAR, and am committed to living with my own best interests in mind, and committed to helping others who are starting out on their own journey of healing.

Patricia Martin

Patricia (Pat) Martin has been a facilitator for the STAR Retreats since 1987. Early in Patricia’s professional career, she worked for Martin Marietta, IBM, and Highline Financial. After taking time to raise two daughters, she became executive director for the San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival. She has been a community leader founding a girls’ softball league and a modern language program for elementary school children. She has served on boards for the STAR Foundation, the SLO Mozart Festival, the SLO Girls’ Softball League and APPPAH (Association for Pre and Prenatal Psychology and Health). She loves to travel, hike, and, most importantly, spend time with her family, especially the five granddaughters.

Alec McDonell

Alec participated in STAR in 1996 and has been a member of the STAR staff since 2001. After a short stint as an officer in the U.S. Navy and after practicing as a Wall Street lawyer, Alec was a middle school and high school teacher in New York City for 20 years. When he retired from teaching English at The Calhoun School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the English prize was named after him. He finds a significant correlation between his work as a teacher and his work at STAR as a facilitator, as both involve a deep commitment to the personal growth of the people he works with, and of himself as well. Alec holds a BA from Harvard College, a JD from Harvard Law School, and an MA in Media Studies from The New School; he has also been trained as a Certified Spiritual Director, has a Certificate in the Sacred Art of Dying, and has run grief groups for the local Hospice. He and his wife Jane helped to found and run a grief group for children, “My Friend’s House,” which was eventually incorporated into the local Hospice programs. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife, Jane, and their two dogs, Kutya and Rudi. His personal interests include a deep commitment to friends and family, particularly to the 11 grandchildren he shares with Jane, and lots of motorcycling, birding, and hiking.

Paula Patterson

Paula has been a STAR facilitator since 1997. Originally a Creative Arts Therapist, she continues to incorporate the arts into her work as a licensed mental health counselor. Paula is a board certified trainer for the North American Drama Therapy Association, a certified psychodramatist and a playback theatre practitioner. Her favorite vacation is volunteering in Haiti.

Carolyn Sheehan

Carolyn Sheehan is a CMRM, CMHt (Certified Medical Reiki Master, Certified Master Hypnotherapist) with Integrative Healing Inc., who lives in beautiful Raleigh North Carolina. She is a wife, a proud mother of three amazing children.

Carolyn began her spiritual practices in the late 1990’s with Reiki and EFT Training and all things metaphysical.

She completed her original hypnotherapy training at the The Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach VA. with the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (N.A.T.H), and has continued her education with Master hypnotherapy training through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.) Additionally, Carolyn is a Medial Reiki Master through Raven Keys Medical Reiki International, Reiki Master-Teacher.

Carolyn specializes in Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy, which includes Virtual Gastric Band for weight loss, Smoking cession, fears, phobias, anxieties, etc., as well as Past Life and Life Between Lives regressions. She teach all levels of Reiki and assists clients in hospitals Pre, Post & during surgery, dentist offices, labor & delivery (just to name a few) providing them with reiki healing to promote quick recovery.
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