It seems a common assumption is that when we finally become authentic life will turn into a bowl of cherries. We think we are going to get to a peaceful, happy place, and things are always going to be perfect and stay that way! Not so! Being authentic is really being fully present in the moment and being able to accept what is. Acceptance does not mean liking whatever we are accepting. There is a big difference. Let’s face it—sometimes we do not like how we feel or what is happening: To be authentic is to at least tell ourselves our truth.

It helps a lot if you can share how you feel and what you think in the moment with someone else you trust—and requires some wisdom. To find someone who will listen with compassion and non-judgment, and will keep your confidence—is important. That’s what true friends are for. It is also what a therapists, lawyers or priests are mandated to provide. Telling your story in those settings is also an opportunity to be authentic.

Treasure your good friends. And be one.