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Healing and Transformation

Hear more incredible stories from those who have experienced the incredible healing power of STAR.

“STAR was a pivotal, life-changing experience. Its ongoing effects are still being felt… I will always be grateful I was guided and encouraged to go!”
“I have changed and healed incredibly over the past many years. I had done much therapy prior to STAR, but I feel like STAR was the beginning of my truly deep healing, as well as, the beginning of my spiritual process and journeying. I am deeply grateful.”
— 1987 STAR Graduate
“It was the most love I have ever felt in one place. The staff gave me 200% of their time and attention. The facets of the program were interesting, innovative, and right on.”
— 2008 STAR Graduate
“STAR is the most profound healing experience I’ve had so far. And I’ve been on the journey for a while now. This was the greatest gift I could have given myself. I’ve unlocked the treasures that are within me and let go of the crap that I learned in my family.”
“As an attachment therapist and STAR graduate, I know that through the deep early work at STAR, the participant begins to remember and resolve the mysteries encountered in relationship— to self, to others, to community, and to environment. This validating information helps to foster compassionate understanding and fill in the blanks in the attachment continuum.”
— Susan Love, MA, MFT
“STAR enabled me to create a firm foundation. This has not only allowed me to solidly support what I’d already built as a life, but to add levels Would not otherwise have reached.”
“I was skeptical of the whole concept of STAR until the second day. After that, what a ride! I feel empowered, and adequately prepared to go forward and live my life with strength, confidence, and happiness.”
— 2008 STAR Graduate
“Best thing in my life happened at STAR… I found me.”
“I am now able to look at situations much more clearly. I am amazed at myself for how well I behaved recently during some stressful and insane family situations. It was great, and I am proud of myself for using what I learned at STAR.”
“STAR was the best therapeutic process I have ever been to. It stripped away years of crusty layers of pretended indifference to reveal my repeated cycles of anger, abandonment, fear and despair. It may very well lead me to the happiness and sense of peace I’ve yearned for. It’s all up to me now, not the ghosts of my past.”
 “Through the lessons learned, the tools provided, and the love given— I feel balanced and grounded once more. I thank my daughter Ashley, the director Barbara, and all of the extraordinary staff at STAR for making this quality of life so real and possible.” its treasure in my heart 24/7.”
— Ginny
“I’ll say it… I was a jerk to almost everyone in my life. I didn’t realize that I developed this defense mechanism to protect the wounded parts of myself. I left a lot of emotional baggage out there in the desert. Most importantly, the baggage that caused me to be mean-spirited and highly intolerant of others. My friends and family are grateful, but no one is more grateful than me.”
“STAR is absolutely fantastic. Barbara is phenomenal! I wish the whole world could go! I want to do it again so I can get another boost in self-awareness and self-improvement.”
— 2017 STAR Graduate
“Just thinking about where I was then (before I went to STAR) and where I am now— WOW! So much happier, and feeling love and gratitude. Thank you again STAR!”
— Krystal
“I was worried about spending so much money on myself… Now I wish I had opened my heart and wallet a lot sooner. All in its time though. I feel like I made it to STAR right on time.”
 “The love and acceptance I felt during this experience allowed me to find my joy. You’re the best role models for love and transformation that I have ever seen.”
“I just wish to truly thank STAR for the difference it has made in my life. It’s easy to forget how difficult life seemed then and how blessed my life is now.”
“I’m grateful that STAR was there when I needed it and hope that it continues to help people as much as it helped me. Thank you, STAR!”
“Thinking about STAR always has me feel love… very much like remembering the birth of my children. There was pain and incredible hard work, and also my heart just cracked open in love.”
“Keep it going. I wish it were more widely available. So many could benefit by breaking their nasty karmic ties and becoming free!”
“STAR was a catalyst giving me all the tools I needed. The process of acknowledging and parenting the inner child is the best and most difficult STAR work. For me, this will take years, but I know I’m on the right path.”

Healing Happens Here

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone. It was extremely helpful for me. I found a sense of peace, and it helped me to slow everything down in my life. I laid a lot of my old demons down.”
“This workshop has had a profound impact on my life. Thank you, STAR, for the tools with which to reclaim my life and my relationships.”
— Tom
“STAR has given me a new lease on life. I am looking forward to new experiences and I have the tools to work with. Life for me will be a new beginning.”
— Len
“I had very high expectations, but STAR exceeded them by far. The staff, participants, everything was just…. The Best! I feel I can now live rather than just survive and suffer in silence. It allowed me to drop down and really listen to the wisdom within me.”
“STAR helped me jump forward on my path to realize the promise/destiny of my life. I am completely unwilling to look back with regrets when I can look forward now with awareness and living through my essence. STAR helped me realize this.”
— Christine
“This was an excellent program for me and I would most certainly recommend it to others— and have! Though a healing/clarifying process for everyone, it seems especially valuable for those undergoing major crisis.”
— 1994 STAR Graduate
“My work at the STAR program has totally changed my life. I came into the program scared, lost, and at my wits end. I’m leaving the STAR program with a sense of inner power, confidence, and, most of all, a lust for life.”
— Douglas F.
“I have had a great shift in my thinking and in my body. It might have saved my life. Before I came to STAR, I was flat-lining. Since being here, I’ve been resuscitated and come back to life!”
“The stacking of experiences and the writing, plus the support of the facilitators, helped empower me to make sense of my patterns in a way that not only helped me to heal, but put me behind the wheel of my life in a loving, affirming way.”
— April
“The depth of emotion and understanding that I reached at STAR has brought me a feeling of wholeness never reached before and friends with whom I may connect with for the rest of my life.”
“STAR was a very important step in my growth. One of many steps I needed, along with therapy.. Each thing was an important building block, and I seem to have needed them all.”
“I’m glad Barbara, and the STAR staff, board members, friends, graduates of the program, etc… are engaged in this most important of all human tasks: to understand ourselves and our feelings and thereby lessen the violence and people hurting in this world.”
“I feel like STAR gave me a foundation to build on— made me a better person and gave me hope. I still have bad days, but I have tools to help me through those days. One day I might even do STAR again.”
— Helen
“Please keep up the great work. The work I began at STAR is now leading to many wonderful changes and miracles in my life. I have stopped most everything in my inner and outer life (fears, anger, bad relationships, dead end career, toxic friendships and more) that were holding me back. I have begun to love myself and others in a healthy way. I am open to whatever God has for me. Life is a beautiful daily adventure for me now. Thanks for your part.”
“STAR is invaluable for those that participate at 110%, who are prepared to try everything even though they may be reluctant, and who are willing to honestly participate in the process.”
 “I feel like STAR literally saved my life. I just couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy and stuck. STAR got me reconnected to me— not the ‘me’ that I had created to survive, but the real me. STAR amazingly created a safe place where I could shed the incredible paralyzing fear that had taken over and ruled my life. The love and support of Barbara and the STAR staff was what enabled me to do this. STAR creates the family environment under which all children are able to grow and thrive. STAR also gave me a wonderful family that I can call on and who can call on me. I always wanted to be loved for who I was— warts and all— and STAR gave me that. And most importantly, STAR taught me how to love myself.”
“As a mental health professional who has made a number of referrals of clients for intensive interventions, I have not found another program that comes so close in creating such a safe and nurturing cradle of support to individuals that need this very personal and competent attention and follow through. At the very core of this process is the genius of its founder, Barbara Findeisen who has finely tuned this retreat experience over the years withe the able assistance of a staff of gifted and grounded facilitators who enhance clarity, integration, and optimal healing.”
— Tony Elite
“I still can’t believe that I am well! I was so sick that I wasn’t going to make it. It just wasn’t worth the fight anymore. I had given up and was on my way out, always thinking of the best way to go that would be easiest on my kids. I just wasn’t good for them and didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Making the difficult decision to go to STAR was a last ditch effort— one that I told myself I would give 110% effort to in order to get all that I could from the retreat. I really didn’t think anything would help me. People need to know that My journey at STAR truly saved my life. I got ME back, my kids and husband got ME back! I am so happy. Now I want to live more than anything!”
— Jane
“The STAR program and its teachings will be with me for the rest of my life. It’s far reaching effects are continuous.”
“STAR helped transform my life. It was one of the most significant healing processes I experienced. I am grateful and feel blessed to have STAR in my life.”
“I have learned and grown so much. And the more I learn, the more I seem to realize how much there is to learn… but the wheels are in motion and there’s no turning back.”
— 2019 STAR Graduate

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