What is the enrollment process?

Enrollment begins the moment you decide that STAR is the best fit for you. A member of our team will assist you throughout the process. Enrollment procedures include: Tuition Deposit: $1000 (due on receipt) Registration Form:  Link is sent with enrollment email Clinical Intake:  Interview with STAR Clinical Director, Ken Ball, PhD, LMFT (45-60 minutes

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Can family and friends attend STAR together?

Your time at STAR is about you! It is important for you to have this time for yourself so that you are able to do your own work— without consideration for anyone else in your environment. We do not allow family members to attend together, and we strongly recommend that friends nor members of the

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Is everyone who applies accepted to the program?

STAR retreats do not take place in a hospital setting. Therefore, we are unable to accept individuals who are: Active in addiction In need of around the clock care Diagnosed with a severe psychiatric condition, such as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder In addition, STAR will not accept anyone with the following: History of violence

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