Perhaps I was naïve in attempting a blog on Becoming Authentic. It turns out it is a slippery slope. What is authentic for one person may not be authentic for another. It becomes difficult when someone claims their authenticity is the only correct reality.

History shows that evil has been done under the banner of an authentic belief in Divine Right and Power. I would guess that Hitler believed in what he became as being authentic should be accepted as truth by others.

In pursuing authenticity, something more may be required of us. The mind is powerful, it can harm or heal, create fear or compassion. We can feel totally authentic and be misdirected and damaging. And we will fight to defend it. Perhaps we need to include compassion along with Becoming Authentic?

I can start by sharing what I believe and how I see things. The second step is recognizing that you may see things differently and your reality may be just as authentic for you as mine is for me. Like snow flakes we are each unique and individualized. The next step may be finding our common ground and respecting our different perspectives. I will light my candle and hope you will light yours. Then we may see our common humanity more clearly. Becoming is a verb, not a noun.