Becoming authentic is a treasure hunt of sorts.  It requires some inner detective work.

Most of us have been looking for who we are outside of ourselves – where we aren’t.  It’s fine to have the toys but they are not who we are but what we have – everything from cowboy boots to 401K’s.  Fun to have.  Enjoy them!  You have them.  Who are you?  We are the dancer – not the dance.

There are answers to questions that dog us year after year and relationship after relationship.

Why do I worry so much?  Why do I criticize myself so much?  Why?  Why?

We become habituated to old beliefs and behaviors.  They are comfortable like old worn out slippers.

Answers require some kind of an archeological dig in your life.  We have stumbled on some of the ruins and old relics without ever bothering to stop and explore their roots.  We become used to them.  They are familiar.  To pause and explore may pose a problem and present more questions than we care to ponder.  We have learned to fear changing.  It challenges the characters we have found as a safe cover.  In the end we are in danger of losing our own individual and unique authenticity.

This blog is concerned with becoming authentic, genuine, at home in our skins.  Like an archeological dig, sometimes you need a pick and shovel.  Other places require a small soft brush to gently sweep away the dust that hides a treasure, an insight, a healing.  At times it is helpful in this journey to have a hand to reach for. The journey home to your self is a quest.  There are many paths to finding you.  I hope to provide encouragement and tools and occasionally wisdom from paths not ordinarily explored.  Welcome!