In thinking about becoming authentic, I wonder if it trumps compassion. Since we human beings are many-faceted, we are not always the same. Sometimes we are in an angry, sad or gloomy mood. At those times we are apt to lash out, or instead hide our tears. Let’s face it, we lie. We say “Yes, I’m fine, thank you,” or we make a joke when we are physically or emotionally feeling awful. We are definitely not being authentic.

I’ve heard many stories of someone’s “just being real with you” which have left emotional wounds with lasting damage. This is especially so when the target is a child. Our egotistical “being real” can be used as a weapon.

We have probably all felt the dagger’s blow from someone who says “I was just trying to help you” as they look down upon our bleeding hearts. Authenticity in the mouth of a fear-mongering ruthless bigot is designed to do damage and disempower others. Authenticity in the hands of a wise compassionate person empowers and heals. Most of us are on a path of waking up, healing ourselves. We are a work in process. Becoming really authentic involves healing our wounds if we are to become a more evolved authentic and compassionate self.