Today STAR is revealing its brand new website to the world. After months of planning and implementing the vision of the site, we have finally arrived! And we believe we have realized our goal of creating a website that would communicate the feeling of a STAR retreat, and convey the kind of energy that STAR embodies. Please visit the new site at to see for yourself!

The new site allows visitors to experience STAR from a different perspective. It allows visitors to listen directly to STAR graduates as they explain the impact STAR has had on their lives. The site welcomes visitors to share in the incredible beauty that exists at the Kenyon Ranch, showcasing dozens of pictures of the land and the facility. The site is an invitation to explore and learn more about STAR.

We hope you will spend some time exploring the new site. And we hope you will consider sharing it with others. What matters most of all is the work that we do, helping others heal. We don’t want STAR to be the best kept secret out there. We want STAR to be accessible and welcoming. We hope the site will be a tool to share STAR with others, to create an opening for others to learn more about our organization and investigate the possibility of transformation in their lives.

With Love,