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Ahhh Spring! We all seem to heave a sigh of relief when winter comes to an end and spring heralds the return of more sunshine, warmer weather, and landscapes full of flowers. The cycle of the seasons tunes us into the Earth’s rhythms. Those rhythms could cause us to do some “spring housecleaning” or spend more time outdoors gardening. It’s a good time to think about Changes—not just in the environment, but in ourselves too.

Spring, in fact all the seasons, results from the tilt in the Earth’s axis. Part of the year we are closer to the sun than we are at other times. Nature blossoms in the spring as the sap rises. Here in Arizona our palo verde trees are blazing with golden yellow blossoms. We see animals that have been hibernating scampering on the dessert and birds building nests. Spring announces herself in unmistakable ways.

Spring is a time of rebirth. If you have been thinking about making changes, letting your energy flow, improving the quality of your life, letting go of old patterns of behavior that have held you back or kept you stuck, perhaps you are feeling the shift from winter dormancy to spring activity. It may be time for you to invest in yourself and discover new ways to thinking, feeling, and behaving.

STAR offers ways to make those changes. Here in the Arizona high dessert, on Kenyon Ranch, Nature welcomes you. In the spring it is particularly beautiful as mesquite trees unfurl greenery they shed last winter. Here you can literally be closer to the sun. Don’t you love the metaphors? Each spring, we can give birth to ourselves anew, leave the past behind, and begin again. Is this spring the time for you?

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