What is a STAR Retreat

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STAR Retreats—Where You Redesign Your Life!

The STAR Foundation has been helping adults transform their lives for over three decades. The STAR Retreat is a ten-day healing intensive designed to help you move from dissatisfaction with your life to an experience of your true and vibrant self—one of hope, satisfaction, and skills to create the life you want.

The STAR Retreat is a unique and rich experiential process. It is a vibrant mixture of some of the most effective psychological processes available today. It is firmly grounded in established developmental models, professional psychological approaches, and proven therapeutic disciplines. The theoretical framework of our healing process rests in the latest neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma research, and mindfulness practices. Our processes include clinically proven methods of conquering depression and anxiety and particularly address early developmental trauma. The STAR Retreat is a balanced approach engaging the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Although it occurs in a group context, participants find their STAR Retreat to be highly individualized.

Throughout your STAR Retreat, our experienced staff members, all trained graduates, are available to work with you. In addition, you will be matched with a facilitator who works closely with you to assure that the program is personalized to meet your needs.

 Part of the uniqueness of STAR Retreats is that you actually get to the root cause of your difficulties as you discover patterns at their source and shift them so that you begin to live from a completely different place. And, our staff-to-participant ratio is unprecedented: about one staff member for every two participants. This insures that you receive daily individual support to heal and reach your personal goals.

Your STAR Retreat experience begins when you realize that you want more for yourself and commit to taking action. Our emphasis is on helping you experience deep caring, find new direction, and become your true self, the person you want to be. You will explore your early beliefs that led to strategies that may have served you in your family of origin but, as an adult, keep you from experiencing the creativity and satisfaction you desire and deserve.

At STAR Retreats we offer a safe and nurturing environment where you will have an opportunity to discover parts of yourself you’ve lost or perhaps never known—courage, confidence, hope. As your process unfolds, you will be assisted in working through your early blocks, freeing you to experience what is possible and live your life in a fuller, richer way.

Along the path to your vibrant self, you are gently guided through cognitive foundations, mindfulness practices, self-reflective exercises, guided imagery, emotional release work, journaling and writing assignments, integrative breath work, and more, all designed to give you experiences of yourself as competent, loving, and resourceful.

You will emerge with new tools for living, greater clarity in decision-making, and new skills in listening and communicating. You will leave with a toolkit and support to help you continue to integrate your new experiences, build nurturing relationships and a more satisfying life. When you are ready to redesign your life, we are here to support you. Call us today. Contact Us