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  • My clients have come into a deeper connection with their feelings and are no longer resistant to “negative” feelings like fear, anger, and grief.

    Kim Grubbs, Counselor
  • As a mental health professional who has made a number of referrals of clients for intensive interventions, I have not found another program that comes so close in creating such a safe and nurturing cradle of support to individuals that need this very personal and competent attention and follow through. 

    Tony Elite
  • The 10 days spent at STAR connects my clients with their individual issues, and allows them safe, uninterrupted time to set goals and gain direction for their ongoing work.

    Kay Starr Rachelson, L.C.S.W.
  • Since doing STAR, my client is living a much more joyful and healthy, well-balanced life. Her quality of life has improved 100%. She is meeting new friends, making progress on her eating disorder, and her self-esteem and perfectionism issues have improved greatly.

    Candace Rosen, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Psychotherapist
  • This has been the most amazing experience in my life. After 13 years of therapy, and feeling stuck in the same place, STAR has brought me to a place where I can feel and see change. I have never really been truly excited about life until STAR. Now, I can’t wait to live and enjoy the happiness and life I deserve. I am not sure I would have ever felt this full of life without STAR. It scares me to think about how much more time I would have wasted living in that “black hole” not coming here. STAR’s facilitators modeled what it’s like to be real and grounded in myself. They were always right there when I needed someone. That validation, someone listening, and genuine concern for my well-being was so appreciated beyond words. The facilitators and staff are what make STAR so powerful.

    Anonymous, 2013
  • Rather wonderful, but not, perhaps, in the way I expected. Less New Age and esoteric, and more grounded in psychological findings etc. Powerful—it’s a short cut to the root of the problem—like cutting through years of therapy to get straight to the core. And then, to show you exactly what to do to go out in the world and live a different life.

    Anonymous, 2013
  • The 10 days were the most intense experience I ever had in therapy. I felt completely safe and succeeded to get in touch with very early traumatic incidents. I understand better my fatal patterns. I feel reconnected and free.

    Thomas, 2013
  • I came to STAR ready to heal and I was not disappointed. The Inner Child work gave me insights and power I never thought possible to express. For the first time in my life I can put words to my feelings. I will leave STAR knowing my truth, knowing how to express my truth and trusting my truth. I truly feel reborn. I now have my power back from habits that did not serve me well. With these new found tools I will replace a life that didn’t work to one that will bring me joy and happiness.

    Judi, 2013
  • Life transforming. By far the best investment of time and money that I have ever made in my life. My life is 500% better than before I started. (Back then I didn’t even realized that it was so bad).

    Rachel, 2013
  • Saved the rest of my life before it started.

    Dane, 2013
  • The most impactful and meaningful personal development experience since I began my healing journey 7 years ago at age 45. I feel I received a huge “bang for my buck” from this non-profit organization and its world-class workshop staff. I intend to return for another STAR experience.

    Will, 2013