Satisfaction Survey

Every graduate of the STAR Retreat program has received an extensive survey one year following completion of the program. Here are the results compiled from 236 such responses from graduates of the 10-day STAR. 



  • Range: 18 to 79
  • Average age: 45.6

Licensed Therapists: 11%

STAR Retreats makes a difference in peoples’ lives:

  • 100% of graduates found their STAR Retreat to be valuable
  • 80% ranked it extremely valuable or miraculous

STAR Retreats change both personal and work lives:

  • 100% of STAR graduates surveyed report a positive impact on their personal lives
  • 75% report an extremely positive overall impact on their personal lives
  • 100% of STAR graduates surveyed report a positive impact on their work lives
  • 52% report an extremely positive overall impact on their work lives 

Do STAR graduates recommend STAR Retreats to others?

  • 86% of STAR graduates surveyed definitely would recommend STAR to others

What do therapists think of STAR Retreats?

  • 8 of 10 therapists would definitely recommend STAR to others
  • They say 10 out of 10 clients they have referred to STAR have benefited

Here’s what STAR graduates say about the “overall impact” of STAR on their lives:

  • 85% STAR was one of the most important experiences I’d had in my life

Graduates said there was good change in the following areas as a result of their STAR Retreat:

In my marriage/romantic life 77%
In relationships with parents 73%
In relationships with children 79%
In my friendships 81%
In my career 76%
In how much fun I have 77%
In my personal growth 96%
In my spirituality 79%