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October 2016 Depression Depression
September 2016 Addiction Addictions
August 2016 Coping Coping With Grief and Loss
July 2016 Transformation Breaking the Cycle of Family Trauma
May 2016 Gratitude Letters from Candace, Barbara, Jed, and Susan
April 2016 Love Heals Letters from Candace, Barbara, Cheryl, and Reba Smith
March 2016 Welcoming Spring Letters from Cheryl, Barbara, and Candace
January 2016 Shine Bright. Join us at Star. Letters from Barbara, Candace, and Cheryl
December 2015 Gratitude. Join us at Star. A letter from STAR Foundation Board of Directors
November 2015 Star Foundation Returns to Kenyon Ranch Letters from Barbara, Candace, and Cheryl
May 2015 Spring 2015 STAR News Increase your capacity to feel loved; 2015 Facilitator Training
September 2014 Fall 2014 STAR News Grow Your Brain, Transform Your Life; Update on New Home for STAR; Have You Considered Becoming a Facilitator?
May 2014 Summer 2014 News A new home for STAR Retreats; a way to make this your best summer ever; Barbara's advice on Change; and profiles on Robin Cappon, PhD, and Rachel Garst.
May 2014 Worksheet to GIT Goin' and Make This the Best Summer Ever! This worksheet accompanies the GIT Goin' and Make This the Best Summer Ever article in the 2014 Summer News.
February 2014 Discovering Your Mental Models, Core Beliefs, and Essence Statement This worksheet helps you process a difficult situation.
February 2014 Spring 2014 News Handling big feelings, a letter from Barbara Findeisen, the 2014 Facilitator Certification program, book just published by Susan Highsmith, honoring Bill and Dana Williams, and a veteran's perspective.
November 2013 Discovering Your Truth and Strategy for Being With Family This worksheet will help you prepare for a family visit.
November 2013 Fall 2013 STAR News Staying on your STAR Path; Benefits of Returning to STAR; the latest at the STAR Foundation
January 2013 Winter 2013 STAR News An interview of Marti Glenn & Ken Bruer; a message from Barbara; news of the Facilitator Training; and more...
December 2012 Exciting News from Barbara Barbara announces her retirement from the leadership role at STAR and introduces Marti Glenn and Ken Bruer as co-Directors.
November 2011 How STAR Saved My Life and Gave Me a Second “Career” Vilma Ginzberg, author and STAR facilitator and trainer, traces the blossoming of her creative side following STAR.
October 2011 Following My STAR and Other Bits about My Life Patsy Lewellyn, STAR staff member and Board member, shares what life was like for her before and after STAR.
October 2011 Listening to the Body: Healing Through Heightened Awareness STAR staff member, Jed Appelrouth, discusses Hakomi, a somatic method of therapy.
October 2011 Barbara R. Findeisen, M.F.T. Recipient of the 2011 Verny Award Kenny Ball shares his history and special relationship with Barbara Findeisen, recipient of the prestigious Thomas Verny Award to be presented at the 2011 APPPAH Congress.
September 2011 Communication STAR staff member, Laura Hegeman, discusses effective communication to build healthy relationships.
September 2011 A “STAR” Autobiography Bill Williams shares how STAR helped him reclaim his anger and power.
August 2011 Transforming Triggering Moments: Look Who’s Talking Alison Teal, M.F.T., a member of our Board and staff, helps us process difficult situations with this exercise.
August 2011 Mo Ford’s STAR Experience Mo Ford, Board and STAR staff member, shares how STAR changed his life, improving his relationship with himself and others.
July 2011 A “STAR” Autobiography Katharine Weber shares her experiences with two STAR workshops, and now as a member of our staff.
July 2011 Gratitude Lara Helfer reflects on the bountifulness of gratitude.
June 2011 A biography of Susan Highsmith, Ph.D. The many gifts and talents of Susan Highsmith, a member of the STAR staff, are shared in this biography.
June 2011 Finding the Flow Katharine Weber, STAR facilitator and novelist, discusses the importance of connecting fully with our creative side in order to express our Essence.
May 2011 What the Healing Work of STAR Makes Possible Candace Rosen, L.C.S.W., STAR facilitator, and leadership team member, shares how her life has been healed and enriched by her STAR experience.
May 2011 Using Breath to Change Emotions Jeff Kohn, STAR staff member and chairman of the STAR Foundation Board of Directors, discusses the breath and some techniques for affecting your emotions.
April 2011 Mindful Moments Kiel Hemenway, STAR staff member, describes a simple process of checking in with your mind that you can perform throughout the day.
April 2011 How STAR allowed me to Open my Heart David Hobby, Ph.D., STAR staff member, shares his STAR story
March 2011 Review of Storytelling and the Art of Imagination Ron West reviews Nancy Mellon's "Storytelling & the Art of Imagination" and describes how it enriches his daily writing practice.
March 2011 Reconnecting with My Core Self Kenny Ball, STAR staff member, shares his autobiography
May 2004 Triangles John Lee discusses living and loving in triangles and the unhealthy communication problem that arises from these—triangulation.
August 2003 Value Inner Diversity Thom Rutledge, L.C.S.W., describes human consciousness using a metaphor of inner-committee members and gives helpful examples of applying the concept.
April 2002 Continuing STAR A graduate of STAR shares his experience of doing STAR a second time.
March 2002 Making Different Choices Vilma Ginzberg interviews a graduate of STAR who has been on the brink of jeopardizing his current marriage, addicted to gambling and other behaviors to “escape.”
January 2002 Planned Giving to STAR In addition to the usual gift of cash, Jeff Kohn describes various other charitable options.
January 2002 Make Courage a Daily Practice Thom Rutledge, L.C.S.W. discusses courage in the context of our daily lives. For example, “How would I respond to my own inner critic today if I were brave?”
August 2000 Jayne Carson—Being On the Path of STAR Dana Weimer interviews Jayne Carson, L.P.C. (STAR 1996)
May 1998 Getting My Life Back at STAR Brenda M. shares her experience of STAR after years of working in the high tech world (STAR 1997)
December 1997 Need a Support Group? It’s Right at Your Fingertips Lee Franklin, STAR Graduate, describes his “Real-Time” Support Team—communication between his Inner Child, Good Parent, and Higher Self.
December 1996 STAR Helped Me Find My Voice Again Graduate Marilyn Pierce shares her STAR experience and how it changed her life.
January 1994 Awakening the Spirit In this article by Vilma Ginzberg discusses Awakening of the Spirit, an experience which is less likely to occur during “talk therapy” than during sessions using experiential methods.
December 1993 Celebrating Women and Spirituality: A Conversation with Carol Flinders, Ph.D Lisa Bograd interviews Carol Flinders about her quest to find female spiritual heroes.
March 1993 Magnificent Addiction: An Interview with Dr. Philip Kavanaugh This interview by Holly Pritchard reveals Dr. Kavanaugh’s refreshing look at treating and healing addic­tions.
August 1992 Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer: An Interview with Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier Holly Prichard interviews Dr. Pelletier about effective ways of dealing with stress.