Star Foundation Returns to Kenyon Ranch


November, 2015

A Letter from Barbara, Founder and President of STAR Foundation

Dear Star Friends,

What a year this has been for me. Charlie died peacefully in his bed listening to classical music on St. Patrick’s Day. Suddenly, I became “boss” here at Kenyon Ranch. Not a role I was prepared for or wanted. Fortunately, the staff knew what they were doing and I am learning. Jose built a beautiful crescent shaped bench of river rocks and tile as a memorial for Charlie. It is a peaceful place on the ranch and I love seeing people there enjoying the view.

Shortly after the dedication of the bench there was another shift in my life.  Marti and Ken abruptly resigned from Star followed by Bill and Dana Williams, Mo and Diana. The Star Foundation Board voted to turn everything over to me and designated me and my son, Reid as directors. We are already up and running. We created a Star Foundation office and hired a manager, Susannah Castro. And have a great new Board. Not all of the fifty boxes of office supplies Diana sent have been opened but the office is functioning. We are in business and the 2016 Star groups are scheduled here on our website

Candace Rosen has taken on the role of Clinical Director of STAR and Cheryl Sharp will be our new Executive Director.  Candace and Cheryl will be co-leading the groups and I will continue to support the work and provide guidance where needed.  Both, Cheryl and Candace, bring a love for STAR and the power of the process that will be refreshing.

Many of you sent wonderful messages supporting us. They warm my heart and were greatly appreciated. Thank you. So, much to my surprise, Star is back home at Kenyon Ranch and the Star spirit is in good hands. We are looking forward to the Star Reunion next week.

Stay tuned for further developments and keep in touch.  Happy Thanksgiving.  We have much to be grateful for.

Love and Light on your path,

Hello from Candace Rosen, LCSW, Clinical Director of STAR Retreats and Board Member

It is with great pleasure that we are again conducting Star workshops at our wonderful, serene and beautiful Kenyon Ranch in Tubac, Arizona. We have all been quite busy working to bring everything back to our beloved ranch. Our first Star Workshop will take place at Kenyon Ranch on February 12, 2016.

Our founder and president, Barbara Findeisen, will be guiding Cheryl Sharp and me along with our other amazing staff to deliver the Star that we all love.  STAR will come from our hearts and with exceptional clinical skill to be the truly healing process that helped us all transform our lives.

We are so thrilled to have Barbara back involved! Cheryl and I have both learned so much from Barbara and we are both honored to be co-leading Star. We invite all staff to come back as facilitators and to participate in the wonderful community all of us have come to love.

It is a gorgeous time of year at the Ranch and I am very excited to be attending the reunion coming up November 13 thru 15. I hope to see many of you there. It will be great to be with our tribe again with so many of our staff and also participants who have done Star. Please let Barbara know if you have ideas about activities you would like to do. It will be rejuvenating and healing to be on the ranch property, with its nature and serenity. The sunsets are magnificent! I always love seeing the Jack Rabbits and Road Runners and other wildlife!

I am so pleased and honored to be Clinical Director of Star and welcome all of your questions and input about anything clinical, which is basically the process that we offer. I will work very hard to plan and coordinate our workshops. I want you all to know that my door is always open to discuss issues that come up and I hope you will feel comfortable to do that. We always work as a team. That's what I love and I have missed that so much. I love that all of us have gifts and talents and the flow that we co-create is magical! I see miracles happen at Star and that is a blessing and a gift.

Love to you all,

Greeting from Cheryl Sharp, MSW, ALWF, Executive Director of STAR Foundation

Greetings to Everyone:

It has been a long time since I have been connected to the STAR community and I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to return to my tribe. Twenty-eight years ago I met Barbara and had the opportunity to do STAR.  Needless to say, it certainly changed the trajectory of my life in so many ways.

For the last 10 years I have been actively bringing the message and healing that STAR gave me to the traditional mental health system as senior advisor for trauma-informed services for the National Council for Behavioral Health.  As a national consultant, trainer, educator and advocate I have been able to share what it means to find healing and wholeness when sanctuary is provided.

This summer, I lost my husband and best friend who had a deep appreciation for Barbara and her work.  This loss was certainly profound, however, with this loss there is a new opportunity for me to return to work that I love from the core of my being.  When STAR came home to Barbara and Kenyon Ranch, I couldn’t pass this up.

I will be working as the new executive director for STAR and will be co-leading STAR Retreats with Candace, our new clinical director.  Both of us are excited beyond belief to have this opportunity to work together and bring STAR back to the process that Barbara so lovingly developed over her many years of doing this work.  We believe in teamwork and that it takes a village to heal a broken heart.  Barbara will be with us, guiding and supporting our efforts and involved as much as she chooses.

I will be relocating to the Ranch in early January from Annapolis, Maryland.  I will maintain a consulting relationship with the National Council that will allow me to continue to talk about STAR in very public venues.
My kid can’t wait to give up my business suits and put on my cowgirl boots.  There is much work to do to bring STAR to as many as we are able and you are part of the village that will make that possible.  We hope that you will refer your family and friends to STAR.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and support.

This is a rebirth for STAR and we hope that you will feel as excited as we are. As we begin to close out 2015, we look forward to all that 2016 will bring.

Peace and blessings,

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Kenyon Ranch photos courtesy Susannah Castro, used by permission of the artist.