Mo Ford’s STAR Experience

Graduate Profiles

By: Mo Ford

Mo FordMy STAR experience began in May, 2003. A friend had been trying to get me to go to a workshop for several years and, each time, I could conveniently find a schedule conflict. As 2003 began, I found myself in disastrous situations over which I had absolutely no control. My world seemed to be falling apart and I was under attack for reasons I couldn’t understand. I had never felt so beaten down in my life. When my friend again suggested that I attend a workshop, I thought “Why not—ten days of just having people love me would be a welcomed break.” In that workshop, I got exactly what I wanted and so much more. So much so that I realized there was much more work for me to do and I made a decision before that workshop was over to come back and go deeper. When I completed the next workshop in February, 2004, I was bursting with so much joy that I realized then that I wanted to give back to STAR so that others would have an opportunity to experience the new found joy that was filling my life.

Joy was not the only thing filling my life. Before STAR, I lived to work and, no matter how hard I worked or how many hours I put in, finances were always a struggle. No matter how successful I was, I always seemed to be able to sabotage my success. After STAR, it was clear that no matter how many poor choices I had been making, with the STAR Process under my belt, better choices became routine. Today, I work to live and living I am.

I am still gainfully self-employed but find that I need to work only about 50% of the time. One of the most important things I learned in STAR, if not the most important thing, was how to love myself, which is essential to loving someone else and allowing them to love me in return. Today, after more failed relationships than I care to admit to, I am happily married to a beautiful woman, whom I not only love and adore, but who returns that love unconditionally. Together we share our life on a small farm that has brought more peace and happiness than either of us could have imagined in 2003. Our lives are spiritually connected and we both do volunteer work wherever we are needed—to our own area devastated by flooding in 2010, to tornado stricken Alabama and Joplin, Missouri, this year, to the Dominican Republic serving meals to children and more. No greater testimony to our lives can be made than by what my son says to me at least once a month—“Dad, you are living my dream.”

I continue to work with STAR and try to serve on the staff of two workshops each year. Not only does it keep me in the process, but it continues to fill my heart. I have been blessed to have my daughter and step-daughter participate in a STAR workshop. The greatest personal reward that I receive is when either of them calls and says “Can I ask you a STAR question?” Even my wife, who has not been through STAR, will ask me for STAR advice. Because of STAR, my hope and belief is that, if every couple, regardless of the nature of their relationship, can have one-half the happiness that we have, they will have a great life.