GIT Goin' and Make This the Best Summer Ever


Use the following prompts, especially in the beginning, to help you GIT Goin’ with Gratitude, Intention, and Truth!

1. Create a Gratitude Attitude

  • As you look around just now, what is beautiful? What is unusual or interesting? (For example, the sky, a flower, a piece of art, the way light plays with shadow)
  • What is pleasurable? (The smell of something delicious, something that feels good on your skin, a moment of silence, your favorite music, a pet, the feeling of a full, deep breath, a child)
  • What do you appreciate? Notice even the smallest things. (The sun is shining, something nice that was said to you or done for you, your health, a friend, your home)
  • What is going well in your life? It helps to consider even the simplest of things. (Your exercise plan, your work, your garden is growing, getting to work on a special project, you are learning or accomplishing something, something in a relationship)

Today I am grateful for:                                                                                                                           



2. State Your Intention

  • Think about what quality of being you want to bring forward today. (For example, I want to be more present, more loving and/or gentle with myself and others)
  • Is there something you want to accomplish or do differently today? (For example, have a better attitude, slow down, look for the good in any situation, take action on something you want)

Today I will                                                                                                                                                 



3. State Your Truth

  • When you think about yourself at your best, what do you know about you? (For example, I am a good person, I have integrity, I am loving)
  • When you think about yourself as a Little One, what is their purest quality? What is really true about her/him? (For example, S/he is lovable, smart, deserves to be here, is precious)
  • Looking at the above things and thinking about your Essence, your inner being, your core, what is true about you? What is your Truth? (I am powerful, I am good, I deserve love)

My Truth is                                                                                                                                                  



This becomes your affirmation. Go about your day your with your heart filled with Gratitude, your Intention in mind and affirming your Truth. GIT Goin’!

© Marti Glenn and Ken Bruer 2014 STAR Foundation