Become a STAR Facilitator

Call for STAR Facilitators

After years of being one of the best-kept secrets in the therapeutic community, STAR is beginning to gain broader recognition and generate greater public interest. Since we moved our facilities back to the beautiful Kenyon Ranch, we have experienced a surge in the number of individuals interested in participating in the STAR program. We are delighted to run full STARs, and increase our impact.

In order to meet this increased demand, we need to expand our team of STAR facilitators. Our team is a dynamic group of committed, big-hearted individuals. Everyone on staff has attended a STAR retreat, and all have received training in the multimodal STAR method. Many facilitators have advanced therapeutic degrees in counseling, social work and psychology and some have their own private practices. Other STAR facilitators bring expertise from the realms of addiction and recovery, bodywork, education, coaching, communication, art therapy and more. All facilitators are committed to helping and making meaningful contributions to others.